Honour Certificates

Congratulations to all our Week 5 Honour Certificate Recipients 

Pre Primary
Leonardo Borona - Awarded for reading a variety of books to his teachers and independently.

Abbey Warren – Awarded for using, blending and segmenting skills when spelling and reading words.

Year 2/3
Lennix Eades – Awarded for always accepting challenges to stretch your understanding of math’s concepts

Tia Hodson – Awarded for being affable, helpful and always striving to do her best in Indonesian class.

Courtney Pucar – Awarded for being enthusiastic, polite and always doing her best in Indonesian class

Year 4/5/6
Jayden Furnell – Awarded for his outstanding team work and sportsmanship in PE.

Holly Linton – Awarded for her focused approach to learning activities and competing tasks in a timely manner.

Tzeital Olanday – Awarded for excellence and contagious enthusiasm in all media classes
Tzeital Olanday – Awarded for applying herself fully to every task in technologies and PE

Daniel Simmons – Awarded for his great co-operation and support to group members while completing activities about space.

Ruby Tuck – Awarded for her willingness to seek feedback and use it to improve.

Year 7/8
Anthony Brunalli – Awarded for his hard work and dedication towards his work in technologies.

Joeross Lendio – Awarded for outstanding leadership in the media filming unit.

Year 9/10
Kira Della Bosca - Awarded for her amazing sportsmanship and ability to captain a team in volleyball.
Kira Della Bosca – Awarded for showing outstanding leadership qualities and creativity in Media.

James Marinkovich – Awarded for consistent effort in both HASS and mathematics.

April Martin – Awarded for her positive attitude and motivation towards all her schoolwork this term.

Alexa Watts – Awarded for consistently displaying a strong work ethic in HASS and math’s