Honour Certificates

Congratulations to all our Week 7, Term 2 Honour Certificate Recipients 


Madison for joining in confidently with activities, songs, dances and discussions during mat time! 

Sia for her enthusiastic contribution to class discussions on material types and properties in science lessons. 

Year 1

Leaonardo for eagerly taking on extension activities and problem solving strategies in Maths.  

Year 2/3

Bella for displaying a positive attitude towards class activities and persisting with challenging tasks. 

Year 4/5/6

Courtney for consistently completing tasks to a high standard and for showing a high level of care and concern towards the students in Year 2/3. 

Holly for her conscientious effort to always complete science investigations and activities using the correct science approach. 

Maddy for applying herself fully to all class activities and always giving her best. 

Year 7/8

Jayke for creating a detailed flow chart in D&T, and for persevering and learning finger knitting. Great work! 

Libbie for working hard to understand SIDE processes, and for consistently trying her best in all subjects. 

Year 9/10

Stephanie for being such a productive, independent worker who will-at-last-allow me to check her work before submitting! 

Shellbee for showing perseverance when completing her work. I was so happy to see the ‘popcorn’ activity finished!