Behaviour Management In Schools Policy


The establishment of genuine and professional relationships between staff and students is of paramount importance in creating and maintaining a positive learning environment. Relationships based on mutual respect, being responsible and tolerant, with a demonstrated caring approach by school staff; does make a real difference to the attitudes and behaviours of our students.

Southern Cross DHS is a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) school. PBS is a framework for enhancing, adopting and implementing a continuum of evidence based interventions to achieve academically and behaviourally important outcomes for all students.

The school is committed to creating an atmosphere where students are actively engaged in the curriculum, feel valued and have a sense of belonging. A further aim is for students to enjoy social interactions without disruption or fear of harm as well as being encouraged to take responsibility for their actions.

The Behaviour Management In Schools Policy represents a whole school approach and is built on the school’s five STARS behavioural expectations. These are:

  • Safety
  • Take Responsibility
  • Achieve
  • Respect
  • Support