Parent Participation

Southern Cross District High School is proactive in developing and maintaining very close links with parents.

Once forged, these links have been found to result in -

  • Greater understanding by parents of their children’s schooling
  • Improved awareness by teachers of the children and their needs
  • Better communication between home and school
  • Fewer problems and misunderstandings
  • Increased goodwill and mutual respect between parents and teachers.


Parents are invited to participate in any or all of the following:




Assemblies are conducted and organised by the Student Council and and each is organised by a different class. They are held on Friday moring in Week 5 and at the end of each term, as advertised. All classes are given an opportunity to perform a class item that highlights work recently undertaken. Assemblies will commence at 9.00am, and are held in the undercover area.




In accordance with the Education Act Regulations, Principals have the responsibility of enabling staff, parents and community members to participate in the planning process of the school throught the School Board.

Further information about the School Board can be obtained throught the front office. 




Parent assistance in the classroom is most welcome. Times and duties can be negotiated with the staff concerned.




An interview is a healthy and desirable part of the school program and may be held at various and regular periods throughout the year. Parents are encouraged to request interviews to discuss any matters of concern. In week 1 of Term 3, 3 way interviews will be held to dicuss your child's Semester 1 report.