Attendance at school of students from Pre-primary, to the end of the year that a student turns 18, is compulsory. Under Section 25 of the School Education Act 1999 parents are required to notify the school of the reason for their child‟s absence as soon as possible or within three days of the first day of absence. The school may also request a certificate from a medical practitioner to support the reason for a prolonged absence.


All absences from school must be explained and recorded by the school to comply with government regulations. It is therefore a parent’s responsibility to advise and give a reasonable explanation of every absence by their child/children to the school.

Southern Cross DHS now has SMS capability and will notify the parents of students who are not at school prior to 10.00 am of their child’s absence via their mobile phone.

Parents are able to text 0437 805 012, call the school on 90491067, send a written note to notify the school of the reason for their child’s absence or click here.