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Behaviour Management in Schools

The establishment of genuine and professional relationships between staff and students is of paramount importance in creating and maintaining a positive learning environment. Relationships based on mutual respect, being responsible and tolerant, with a demonstrated caring approach by school staff; does make a real difference to the attitudes and behaviours of our students.


Southern Cross DHS is a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) school. PBS is a framework for enhancing, adopting and implementing a continuum of evidence based interventions to achieve academically and behaviourally important outcomes for all students.


The school is committed to creating an atmosphere where students are actively engaged in the curriculum, feel valued and have a sense of belonging. A further aim is for students to enjoy social interactions without disruption or fear of harm as well as being encouraged to take responsibility for their actions.


The Behaviour Management In Schools Policy represents a whole school approach and is built on the school’s five STARS behavioural expectations. These are:

  • Safety
  • Take Responsibility
  • Achieve
  • Respect
  • Support



Dress Code

The Dress Code Policy at Southern Cross District High school is an important part of the School ethos. The School Board and Parents and Citizens Association fully endorse the dress code for the following reasons:

  • Promotes a positive image of the school and creates a sense of identity among students
  • Ensures students are safely dressed and groomed appropriately for specific school activities
  • Encourages equity among students
  • Keeps the cost of clothing within reasonable limits for parents
  • Assists students to learn the importance of appropriate presentation

Items designated on the current Uniform Order Form constitute the dress code for Primary and Secondary students.




Good Standing

The requirement for all schools to have a Good Standing Policy has been mandated by the State Government. This policy will stand alongside our Behaviour Management Policy and has been introduced to reward students who are supportive and co-operative at school, and to encourage other students to improve their general performance.

Every student will begin the year with Good Standing, made up of 5 week blocks each term. This entitles the student to the freedom, rights and privileges of the school, as well as an invitation to participate in the reward activity at the end of the block.

Students may lose their Good Standing by over-stepping the limits in regards to behaviour, dress and punctuality. Students in this position will have a notation placed on their student record and will lose the privilege to participate in all extra-curricular activities e.g. representing our school in sporting, social and cultural activities, school incursions and class excursions and reward days, until the status of Good Standing is regained.

The status of Good Standing will be withdrawn by the Principal or Deputy Principal at the levels outlined in the attached policy, for up to 10 attended school days in the first stage, and up to 20 days at Stage 2. It will be reinstated by the Principal or Deputy Principal at the end of the probation period, if no further offences occur during this time.


All students at Southern Cross District High School are expected to:

  • Attend all classes regularly and on time.
  • Work hard in their studies to achieve positive results.
  • Be a positive role model.
  • Conform to the rules at Southern Cross District High School.
  • Abide by the school uniform policy.
  • Respect the right of other students to learn and for teachers to teach.





Students and parents are required to sign an internet acceptance policy upon enrolment at the school. An individual 'Internet Policy' form will be forwarded home with each student at the beginning of the new school year for their acceptance. A completed and signed copy of the agreement will be returned to parents. Failure to sign the policy or to adhere to the policy will result in loss of computer access.


Kindergarten to Year 2


Year 3 to Year 6


Year 7 to Year 10




Mobile Phone

The Department of Education does not permit student use of mobile phones in public schools unless for medical or teacher directed educational purpose. It is important to note that it is not a requirement at Southern Cross DHS for students to have a mobile phone at school.


Southern Cross DHS recognises that an increasing number of parents/carers who for safety, security and/or emergency purposes wish to provide their children with mobile phones. The Mobile Phone Policy details the conditions under which mobile phones are permitted at Southern Cross DHS.