School Bus Service

There are three school bus runs currently available. The bus runs are to Marvel Loch, Ghooli and Bullfinch. 


Parents with students who need to travel on the bus each day must complete an Application for Travel Assistance which can be found on the School Bus Website -


The front office must be informed when children who catch the bus on a regular basis are not going to be going home on the bus on a particular day. This is to avoid staff looking for children who may have gone home with a parent, gone to footy practice, etc. If the school is not formally notified of any changes to bus travel, the student in question must travel on the bus.


Children who do not usually catch the bus must have parents sign an occasional travel form every time they wish to use this service. These forms are available at the front office.


Students are encouraged to follow our school STARS behaviour expectations while travelling to and from school..